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Join us and enhance your knowledge of how the digital revolution is impacting every part of our life—including how we communicate and work together.

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Descriptions Descriptions

Cisco DevNet [webinar series]

  Digitization is disrupting traditional networks and driving the need to adopt evolving technologies. Networks are becoming programmable, virtualized, and software-driven. With these...

How to Get a Job at Cisco [webinar series]

Interested in working at Cisco? Trying to get a job can be a daunting task. You have made sure you received the education and technical training but now you might be unsure of how to make...

Experiences that Propel Your Career Webinar Series

You are on the path to gain the education you need to become a working professional. The thing is, education alone will not get you a job—you also need to have experiences that...

Social Media and Your Career [webinar series]

Every day, millions of recruiters worldwide are searching to hire talented individuals (like yourself) to join their company. Will you be found in their search? We live in the age of...

Career Skills for Techies [Webinar Series]

Getting ready to join the workforce can feel like a never ending process, sometimes overwhelming. We all know that we need to build the technical skills specific for the career path we want...

Upcoming Webinars Upcoming Webinars

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27 July       Intro to Cisco DevNet (software/program)

Technology Webinars Technology Webinars

These webinars are designed to build upon the technology knowledge you gain from NetAcad courses and cover trending tech trends

Beyond Routing & Switching (series)

Cisco DevNet (series) NEW

Cisco Meraki (series)

Cloud Computing

Data Analytics and Internet of Everything

Get Certified Webinar (series)

Internet of Everything (series)

Introduction to Linux (series)

Software Defined Networking (series)


Career Skills Webinars Career Skills Webinars

These webinars focus on teaching you how to build your non-technical career skills and make you better prepared for positively contributing in a work environment.

Career Skills for Techies (series)

Experiences that Propel Your Career (series)

How to Get a Job at Cisco (series)

Mapping Your Path to Success (series)

Mentoring—Your GPS to a Successful Career

Preparing for Your Career (series)

Social Media and Your Career (series)

Successful to the Core (series)

Use Your Online Reputation to Get Hired (series)

Unlock Your Power to Succeed (series)

Get Connected

Learn how to use LinkedIn to get hired