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How Social Are Your Skills?

How would you classify your social interactions in the work place? Are you the kind of person who clocks in and out at the allocated time, barely lifting your gaze from your computer screen to acknowledge those around you? Or do you live for the water cooler moments? Are you the life and soul of the office, on first name terms with everyone from the intern to the CTO? Whatever your...
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Our Top 10 Ways to Network Your Way into a Tech Career

Have you thought about becoming an expert in networking, before you become an expert in networking? Finding the correct job for you hinges on many factors: knowing what you want, setting your objectives, building the right skills set, and doing your homework—both figuratively and literally. But you can also improve your chances of landing the killer contract by networking......
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As a Techie, is Project Management for You?

In today’s quicksilver tech industry, companies are continuously investing in new projects in order to stay ahead of the competition. No big surprise there. But what does it mean to you as a tech professional looking to kick-start or accelerate your career in IT? Well, the upshot is that project management skills are among the very hottest in the job market. Right up there with...
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Are You a Problem Solver?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a problem solver?
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Advice on Finding and Leveraging a Mentorship

Reaching out and building a relationship with a mentor can be a career improving step that you should consider taking. Wisdom is often gained from experiences and by communicating with a mentor you have the opportunity to leverage their knowledge. They can provide you with insight on how to deal with the challenges of working life as well as ideas on how to make the most of your...
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Grit leads you to Success

What makes someone successful? Take a look around your classroom or office or company right now. What makes one person in your vicinity more successful than others? Let’s assume that many, if not most of the people that you study or work alongside are roughly equal in terms their talent or their IQ. So why do some individuals just seem to accomplish more than others? Could it be...
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What is Your Personal Brand?

So everyone knows what a brand is, right? And everyone knows who the big brands are. Who has not heard of Coke, Nike, or Apple? And these brands come with a set of attributes or qualities that spring to mind when you think about them. Enjoyment, dynamism, or innovation – branding is all about putting your product out there and driving positive associations. You might be...
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Ideate Like a Pro

Wanted : Innovative thinkers. Creative problem-solvers. Disruptive decision-makers. Makers. Shakers. Fire-starters. Brain-stormers. Ideators. Wherever you are in your studies or your career – whether you are still contemplating a career in tech, or thinking out your next move – chances are that your senses will have been assaulted by the same thing. In our...
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Why Does Domain Knowledge Matter to Techies?

Domain knowledge is increasingly sought after by employers looking to precision-match candidates to jobs. Let us walk you through: What this concept means What it means to you How to build domain knowledge What is Domain Knowledge? To put it very simply, domain knowledge (also known as vertical knowledge) is a broad-based knowledge or understanding of a particular...
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Resolving Workplace Conflicts

It is inevitable. When you bring different people with different ideas, approaches, experiences, and perspectives together, there is bound to be conflict from time to time. The very diversity that makes the workplace so rich, can also lead to differences of opinion. But left unchecked, conflict can quickly escalate and damage working relationships. Whatever your role – whether...
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