Women + Tech = Innovation

You will soon learn, technology provides a world of possibilities and a technology career can be as varied, exciting, and as glamorous as you want it to be - and it's not just for the boys.

Join and hear from some "Rock'in" women who have challenged stereotypes and turned their passion for technology into rewarding and successful careers. Our speakers are in different stages of their career and from different occupations and businesses. 

Our guest speaker will be Jodie Fox, Co-Founder of Shoes of Prey, a 3D interactive shopping experience, allowing women to design their own shoes online. 

Jodie set up Shoes of Prey in 2009 with former Google Inc. employees Michael Fox and Mike Knapp. She imagines a future in which she can check the weather, choose an outfit, and design a pair of matching shoes that can print out in her wardrobe while she takes a shower. 

Jodie Fox is living proof that Technology does exist in just about any type of industry. 

To demonstrate Jodie's long-term vision, Shraddha Chaplot, Cisco's Rockin' Machinegineer will teach us about 3D printing technology, demonstrate a printer in action, and show us just how it all works. 

Do not miss this session with Jodie and Shraddha, as they demonstrate a recent shift where techie and fashion worlds are colliding.

Register today for our session on 28 Apr 2016 12:00 PM SGT

Speakers for this webinar session will be:

  • Jodie Fox, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist,
  • Shraddha Chaplot, Machinegineer at Cisco Systems, Inc.