Webinar: Your Resume is the Invitation to the Interview

Looking for your first networking job or getting ready to switch jobs? Haven't started writing your resume yet or have questions on how to finish your resume? Join Dean Webb for this important session as he covers essential tips on how to write an effective resume targeted for networking positions.

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Speaker profile:

After five years as a teacher, seven years in IT, and eleven more years as a teacher, Dean Webb returned to IT in 2013 after earning his CCNA, Routing & Switching and CCNP, Security. With certifications in hand, he went to a friend in the industry who told him that his resume was awful and needed fixing - before he even saw it. As things turned out, he was right. Dean quickly learned what caught the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers and prepared resumes that would get him interviews. Since being hired full-time as a network security specialist, Dean has continued to work with friends and associates looking for new opportunities with their resumes, and he can help you, too.

Dean finds the Cisco Learning Network to be a great resource. “The forums here give people the ability to hone troubleshooting skills in a variety of technologies. Additionally, there are some great links to online resources for knowledge we need for certification. The whitepaper links are real lifelines.”



This webinar has been provided by the Cisco Learning Network.