Tying Certifications to Career Paths [webinar series]

In this series, we will explore some of the Cisco Networking Academy course certifications in relation to the importance and benefits of becoming certified.

Join us as we take a deep dive into certifications such as IT Essentials, CCNA R&S, CCENT, CCNA Security, Linux and Programming. We will discuss the purpose, possible job roles and responsibilities, as well as career pathways for each. Our speakers will also discuss the differences between certifications and degrees and how they complement one another rather than cancel the other out.

This series will be five sessions total covering the following certifications and topics:

  •         Session 1: IT Essentials
  •         Session 2: CCNA Routing & Switching & CCENT
  •         Session 3: CCNA Security
  •         Session 4: Linux and Programming
  •         Session 5: Certifications and Degrees


Session 1: IT Essentials Certification

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Join this session to learn about the IT Essentials certification & the 4 building blocks of IT. Explore the CompTIA A+/IT Essentials certification and the associated job roles & career paths that are available with this certification. Josh Clough, an IT Pro, will also join to share how he got started in his career, his current job role, responsibilities, & other important aspects of his job. This is a great opportunity to learn the importance of the IT Essentials certification and the career options that are available to you if you obtain this certification.


More sessions and details will be added to this webinar series in the future. Please check this blog, news tiles, or your Cisco Networking Academy newsletter for updates.