Resume Review #2: Boosting your Resume webinar

Here is the second Resume Review from the “Boost your Resume” webinar that we ran with Cisco Sales Associates Program (CSAP) Managers. You can download the original resume to follow his feedback below. Please note: we have removed names and personal details to protect the privacy of the winners.

Our colleague Samantha met with the NetAcad resume review winner from the US to help him improve the document. Her process was to help him with his current position’s bullet points and then allow him to update the additional past experience with some helpful hints. In addition, they discussed his objective statement and discussed his education/personal interests.

Samantha’s Feedback:

  • Overall the resume is well formatted, in a clear chronological order and length is appropriate.
  • The first point that attracts the attention of the recruiter is the objective, and I would highly recommend including this. It should be specific for the exact position you are applying for, and therefore adapted to each application.
  • Adding your skills is a good idea, and it is a good practice to include specific examples of ways in which you show these skills (example: Drive new revenue: Led team that produced xx sales, generating xx revenue for the company)
  • Best to write your resume in the present tense
  • When you list accomplishments or tasks in a position, try and list some specific details as this will help give the recruiter an idea of the scope.
  • If you already have relevant experience in the field you want to work in, you can delete prior positions that are not relevant. In this case, as the person has held several IT positions so I recommended that he delete the sports store example.
  • Its great to add volunteer and personal interests as it gives the recruiter a better idea of who you are as a person.

If you missed the first Resume Review, you can read it here.

Thanks to Samantha for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback. Visit the CSAP page for more information about career opportunities (you must be logged in with your netspace users name and password to access this information).