Resume Review #1: Boosting your Resume webinar

Our colleagues in the Cisco Sales Associates Program (CSAP) recently participated in the “Boosting your Resume” webinar, where Cisco managers gave you key tips on this important document. If you missed the session you can watch the recording online.

After the live webinar, 5 lucky attendees were selected in a random drawing to win a personal resume review with one of the Cisco managers. Today we would like to share with you the first resume review done by Frank Kuypers, CSAP manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa. You can download the original resume to follow his feedback below. Please note: we have removed names and personal details to protect the privacy of the winners.

Many thanks to Frank for taking the time to work with us, and provide this valuable feedback not only to the lucky winner, but to all our NetAcad Advantgae readers! Thank you as well to the winner for sharing his resume with us, we wish you the best of luck in your career.

Frank’s feedback

  • A good, concise resume in a clear format. Good use of bullet points
  • I would remove the personal information from the header and add it just above “Career Objective”. It’s ok to leave the Cisco certifications in the header as this does grab the reader’s attention
  • I like seeing your career objectives at the top of the resume. Be sure to tailor this to the specific position when you actually submit your resume for a job.
  • It’s great to show a list of your strengths, but you could really use this to showcase your skills by listing specific examples of each. For example, “Team Player – worked on diverse team to complete the full network design for Time Out Café within deadline”. This provides clear proof to the hiring manager.
  • Education – here I would add in the complete time period of your studies (month, year). Also, you told us you are a NetAcad alumni, however you do not mention your studies here. List the specific NetAcad courses where you studied (in your case at a different University) and time period.
  • Career Snapshot gives a nice overview of your professional experience. Good use of reverse chronological order, listing most recent experience first but again, would be  helpful to list the specific month to your studies and certifications.  In the first example you may want to specify number of Cisco routers to give an idea of the scope of the project. You might also consider adding key achievements in this area, which gives you a chance to share your success.
  • Great to see Cisco certifications – this will catch the attention of the recruiter.
  • Projects – I would include this in the Career Snapshot area as it is hands on experience. You could elaborate a bit to give the hiring manager a better idea of the actual work done here.
  • General advice
  • When applying for a job, be sure to tailor your resume for the specific position. Recruiters often use automatic filtering tools to find resumes using key words, so ensure yours is in line with the position you are applying for. In this case there was no specific position being applied for, but when you do go to apply ensure you consider this.
  • Are you a Networking Academy alumni? Be sure to include this information on your resume. Especially if you are applying for a job within Cisco, this will catch the eye of our HR managers.
  • Including your interests and hobbies is ok as it´s a way of telling a recruiter a bit more about your personality, and is especially interesting they relate to your job search. For example, if you were to volunteer teaching IT skills in your free time you could elaborate on this information.


Thanks again to the CSAP team for their participation, and to all who participated in the webinar. Be sure to check NetAcad Advantage to see feedback from the other reviews in the coming weeks.