Partner Up for the Perfect Job

Looking for a rewarding career with a top-tier tech company? One that will push, stretch and encourage you to put all your skills and knowledge to great use, and keep up with the latest in IT developments?

Well, you might want to start by checking out openings with Cisco Channel partners.

Channel partners are right at the cutting-edge of the Cisco ecosystem. It is their job to ensure that Cisco technology is sold to the right customer in the right way – and that the full spectrum of follow up services and maintenance are available.

And underpinning Cisco’s relationship with its channel partners, there are some pretty mind-boggling numbers to crunch.

Oftentimes it is described as the extended workforce of Cisco, as the partner ecosystem accounts for more than 280,000 jobs. Yes, you heard that right. There are more than a quarter of a million talented sales and technical staff around the world delivering Cisco solutions to customers.

And that is not all.

In Europe, the Middle East, and Russia, a staggering 90 percent of all Cisco’s business is done through its partners. Which means that channel partners are absolutely critical to the success of Cisco and our products.

Who are Cisco’s Channel Partners?

Well, Cisco partners can range from small to medium sized companies, right up to the big players like Dimension Data or IBM. Essentially, they are organizations that have the expertise, knowledge, and skilled workforce to sell and service Cisco solutions.

We work closely with our partners to deliver training and to make sure that they are 100 percent up to speed with the technology being deployed. Together, we ensure that our partners have a differentiated profile in the market; that they can solve customers’ problems and pain points with skill and speed; and we deliver a services practice through tech innovation, practice enablement, and commitment to partners’ profitability.

Sounds complicated, right?

Well, not really. Imagine it this way: When a customer buys a Cisco solution through one of our partners, they know that the solution comes with a Cisco seal of approval – rubber-stamped for quality by us.

What Are the Opportunities for NetAcad Grads?

Varied and plentiful, in a nutshell.

Our partners are constantly on the lookout for certified talent to help them deliver against their objectives and commitment to standards.

A company can only become a certified Cisco partner when it has demonstrated that it has the vision and the talent to fulfill the role.

In practice that means that partners need to deliver a breadth of skill across certain technologies. And that means meeting certain standards.

They need to demonstrate that they have individual certifications and specializations for the different roles, such as Cisco Sales Experts (CSEs) for Account Managers, and CCxA, CCxP or CCIE for Architect Systems Engineers and Field engineers. Partners can lose their certification status if they do not renew these requirements on an annual basis.

So partners are generally on the lookout not only for top talent, but for the kind of talented people that actively want to keep their skills and their knowledge up to date.

Is it All About CCIE?

Not necessarily.

Partners are as diverse and varied as they are plentiful. A wide variety of skills, knowledge, and certifications are sought – depending on the needs and target markets of each partner.

While it is true that the ideal candidate would have Cisco certification and technical knowledge, most partners will be looking for people with strong customer service and sales skills. If you have the communication and career skills combined with technical aptitude, you are well-placed and at a real advantage when it comes to recruitment.

Top Tip for Job-Seekers

Just like any other employer today, Cisco channel partners tend to make good use of social networks to screen potential employees.

So make sure that you are optimizing online tools liked LinkedIn to help you stand out from the crowd. In addition to your certification, education and skills, make sure that you include all your experience, responsibilities, and knowledge in your profile. All hands-on experience (whether it is paid or through internships) is a plus for future employers.

And since many partners recognize the value of the Cisco Networking Academy training, be sure you add that experience to your resume LinkedIn profile.

So, are you interested in finding out more about opportunities with Cisco partners?

Why not check out partners operating where you live or where you’d like to work? You can find a partner through our Partner Locator today.


NetAcad Advantage Reading Note: As you pursue your job search, be sure to create a detailed resume and prepare for your interviews. You can find job opportunities with Cisco and our partners online in the Cisco Networking Academy Group on LinkedIn.