Creating Technology for the Greater Good

Many of us have heard of the sayings, two minds are greater than one and how important it is to think outside the box when coming up with solutions to problems.

There comes a moment when you can choose to make a difference with the skills you possess or choose not to. Two of our employees—Mirko Bass and Martin Kroeger, of Cisco Systems in Hamburg, Germany—chose to do something. What started as a conversation on a phone, quickly led to action which led to the development of a Refugee First Response Center (RFRC). And that too in a timeframe of 6 weeks. This also required the community coming together as well as the support of many local and international organizations.


Watch the time-lapse of how the RFRC was created. It is a medical emergency station and doubles duty by offering other services to those in need.



In Europe, the migrant crisis is changing the lives of everyone—refugees and locals alike. It is truly a global problem without a solution in the near future. One of the tangential problems that have arisen due to the mass migration of refugees—also thought of as a complex humanitarian emergency—is that they also need medical attention. With a confluence of people of different nationalities, speaking numerous languages, trying to communicate with one another, you need access to translations as well as access to the Internet.

We have often shared articles that discuss how the world is becoming more digitized and the growing importance the Internet has upon all of our lives. It also means that when we solve problems they need to incorporate digital access as well. The RFRC is one magnificent example of how people with big hearts use their intellect and resources to build something to make their community better.


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Video courtesy of MLove