Virtual Career Event: Open Jobs at Cisco

We know many of our Cisco Networking Academy students are interested in finding a job with Cisco. To help you with the process, we have a couple things you can do to make the most of your efforts.

  1. One, attend our Virtual Job Connection event.
  2. Second, watch our on-demand webinars.


On 28 September 2017, our employment program - Networking Academy Talent Bridge - is hosting a Virtual Job Connection event. During this event you will hear about specific job openings available around the world at Cisco offices. Recruiters are searching for qualified NetAcads to fill these roles.

  • Open positions will be featured that are an ideal fit for those of our NetAcad college or university-level students and alumni who have at minimum taken the CCNA2 course. But would be even better suited for those who have their CCNA certification.
  • Inside perspective on what hiring managers are looking for in candidates to join their team.
  • Learn more about these job opportunities so you can better tailor your resume and application.
  • Learn about job options that you might not have realized you are qualified for based upon your education and experiences.

Keep in mind, this event is designed for college/university level students. Ideally, your GPA should be at a 3.0 or higher for entry-level positions at Cisco.

Steps to Participate in 28 September Virtual Job Connection Event featuring Cisco jobs:

This event is tailored for those who are ready to apply and start working in the near future.

  1. Register for the event. If you cannot attend the live event, you will be sent the recording if you have registered.
  2. Upload your resume and provide the information requested. This information will be shared with Cisco recruiters in your region and/or employers within our ecosystem who are looking for NetAcads with your skills.
    1. Update your LinkedIn profile
    2. Join the Cisco Networking Academy group on LinkedIn if you haven’t joined already
  3. Attend the live event on 28 September 2017. Once you register, set a calendar reminder.

On-Demand Learning

Watch on-demand recordings from a webinar series that has three sessions with advice on How to Get a Job at Cisco. These sessions feature Cisco recruiters, hiring managers, and employees sharing advice on how to get started with Cisco. Learn what the general requirements are, how you can stand out in a crowd of applicants, and how NetAcad helps you prepare for working at Cisco.