What is a Certification Really Worth... To Your Employer?

You have heard it from us. You have heard it from your peers. You have probably heard it from the press and the media. But now it is time you heard it from the one source that knows best – employers. And they are quite clear about it. Being certified makes a huge difference to your job prospects.

Cisco conducted an in-depth study, talking to more than 200 hiring managers from tech companies around the U.S., Canada, and India as well as in a variety of countries around the world. We sought to find out just how much of a difference being certified meant to candidates’ prospects when it came to recruiting. To even things up, we ensured that we interviewed managers with reports who were Cisco certified and others that were not. The results were unequivocal. The managers interviewed told us three things:

  • Managers said that Cisco certified employees were considered more knowledgeable than noncertified workmates.
  • They believe that certified employees were deemed more likely to take on responsibility in comparison to others.
  • Perhaps most significant –  a whopping three quarters of our interviewees told us that the Cisco certified staff were considered more valuable to the companies interviewed than noncertified peers.

We asked these employers why it is that the certified employee is more valuable than others and just what it is that they have come to expect from a recruit with a Cisco certification.

Here are the top six things they told us. Take a look at these stats, and see what resonates with you.

Speed is What They Need

When it comes to performing networking jobs or resolving problems, the Cisco certified outperformed their peers substantially.

Our managers reported that the certified staff were getting jobs done an average of 30 percent faster than the rest.  Because these staff members had been trained in a systemic way, managers told us, they were able to step into a network created by other Cisco certified staff, sharing a common language and a trained capacity to anticipate problems and connect the dots that saw their performance outstrip the noncertified.

And the speed didn’t stop there.  Coming up to speed during the onboarding process leaves a lasting impression, with a whopping 78 percent of network managers reporting that the Cisco certified recruits were 20 percent faster when it came to getting to grips with their new job.

Performance – the Maker or Breaker

The systemic approach behind certification also pays dividends when it comes to employee performance. Managers rated their certified employees as 42% more successful in resolving tech problems and completing tasks.

Most managers put this down a methodical or systemic attitude, honed by the Cisco certification approach. They also welcomed what they called a more serious attitude on the part of the certified staff – recruits who are serious about technology, stay up to date on the latest advances and innovation; and bring new knowledge and solutions to the job in hand.

Network Support Where it Matters

We asked the managers about the kind of impact their Cisco certified recruits have in terms of wider, company level metrics. The first of these was network support, and the results were astonishing. 

Network managers told us that their support costs dropped by around 30 percent when they hired certified staff. Having in house employees with enough tech savvy to maintain networks means substantial savings when things go wrong.

Down on the Down Time

The added benefit of companies having in house talent, has seen them being able reduce their network downtime by an average of 37 percent. Another significant saving and boost to company efficiency.

Increasing the Load

All of the above means that the Cisco certified staff have a higher aggregate capacity to take on more projects within the team. Managers told us that their Cisco certified employees were generally able to resolve issues fast and efficiently. Which translated into an average increase in project workload by around 40 percent. That is a team able to get almost half as much more work done than before.

Happy End Customers

Of course, for most companies, the biggest metric of all is the customer. And this is another area where our Cisco certified staff outperformed their peers. Managers reported a 37 percent increase in customer satisfaction where certified staff had had input.


So there you have it. Six powerful reasons why tech employers around the world are placing high value on Cisco certifications. And six powerful reasons why you might want to consider getting the Cisco certification that’s right for you. After all, if you were the employer, who would you hire?


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