From Silicon Valley to ... Hollywood?

Long gone are the days when studying IT meant your career options were exclusively limited to network engineering.

In tomorrow’s job market, fueled by the Internet of Everything, the possibilities for engineers with the skills, expertise, and creative outlook are staggering. And quite possibly beyond your wildest imagination.

Has it ever occured to you, for instance, that a Cisco Networking Academy education might be the first step towards a career in ... the movies?

Yes, you too could see your name light up the night. You too could one day become the toast of Tinsel Town. But wait, you might wonder – what is the link between networking and the big screen? What exactly is the connection between routers and film reels? Switches and starlets? How do you make the jump from CCNA to CINEMA?

Well, it is more obvious than you might think. The reality is that in the Internet of Everything, technology, and the film industry fuse tightly together. It is as simple as this: big movies need big networks. And that means jobs for techies with a fondness for film.

Networking the Oscars

When the Oscars were screened into millions of homes around the world earlier this year, the media buzz was focused mainly on who had won what and who had worn what. And with the exception of nod or two to design or special effects the night itself was dominated by the artistic merits of one performance over another. Which is perhaps as it should be.

However, with today’s film producers and film-goers demanding increasingly complex  experiences, all of this year’s Oscar nominees and winners – from Birdman to Boyhood -  owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the leaps and bounds in technology that underpin modern film-making.

In reality, of course, it has ever been so. Film has been built on technology, since Georges Méliès built the first operational film studio in 1897. Cinema has arguably always been on the cutting edge of technology.

What is changing is the extent to which modern film-making relies on digital technologies to produce and edit movies; and even more relevant –the huge network infrastructure necessary to manage the volume of data being produced.

As directors continue to look to new technologies to bring their ideas to the screen – from 3-D to CGI – more than ever before, they need massive, future-proof networks to handle the demands of data-intensive productions.

The Future of Film

And the race to innovate, to create the new and never-before-experiences, shows no signs of slowing.

According to the Creators Project, the next big thing in film will be ... well, it will be lots of things. From laser projection systems for IMAX, to lightweight digital cameras taking over from traditional film; from lenticular lens technology set to revolutionize 3D, through to Dolby’s new “Atmos” sound system – the industry is on the continuous lookout for the experience to dominate all others.

That, and changing user behavior driven by mobile technology, means that the film and entertainment sector, possibly like no other, is inextricably bound up with what technology can and cannot (yet) deliver.

The film industry is booming. More dollars than ever are being spent, invested, and earned around the world at the movies.

Underpinning the boom is the technology need to create, realize, support, disseminate, market, viralize, and consume films – and the demand has never been higher.

Of course, it is not just limited to films. Across the entire entertainment industry, from film to TV, from radio to press, technology is disrupting  and re-defining the rule book. From content creation to its consumption – with over the top or Internet-driven user demands – the money starts and stops with tech.

Get Your Tech on

You have heard it on NetAcad Advantage before, but we will say it again. There really has never been a more interesting time to be gettting a tech qualification. And gaining a solid foothold in IT skills make acute career sense. So whether your future aspirations include big data or mobile, networking or even special effects, do not rule out a career in the movies.

And here is a bonus for you. As if it were not the most awesome time ever to be a geek interested in cinema, it looks like cinema has (rightly) discovered its own admiration for geeks. 

Enjoy and get your tech on with pride.

NetAcad Advantage Reading Note: Your future in a networking career is going to have more options in more industries than what is currently available or imaginable. Be ready to combine your passions and interests with your technical education